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Culinary Connections

Build professional meal preparation and home cooking skills using fresh, healthy ingredients. Learn to grow edibles in our garden and enhance physical wellness.

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Urban Explorers

Learn about nature and culture, visit parks and museums, and develop job and life skills. Share your knowledge and express yourself through art, communication, and technology projects.

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Sharing and Caring for our Earth: Using the Arts and Sciences to Bridge Job & Life Skills

Join us for a spring session of job skills and life skills. Express yourself through art and dance, and garden.

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This summer, we worked on fun hands-on activities around the life/job skills topics of advocacy– sticking up for ourselves and others, feeling what others are feeling, and aiming to build relationships of trust with people. We even had guest speaker Denise Prehay, who identifies as a person who advocates for people who are oppressed, visit class to ask us questions and discuss her disability self-advocacy work. Finally, we plan to take some field trips—including one to the new science museum—this week! It has been wonderful working with you all this session and learning from all you have brought to class.











































Life Skills: Grocery Shopping

Students practiced shopping for healthy foods and staying within a budget at Presidente Supermarket.  Before visiting the store, we checked what was on sale, planned meals that include the vitamins we’ve been learning about, and made a grocery list.  At the supermarket, we had a scavenger hunt to find all the foods on our list.


This splatter paint project is part of our unit on body positivity and positive self image.  Just like a paint splatter, we don’t have to be perfect in every situation in life but instead are enough and wonderful the way we are.