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Culinary Connections

Build professional meal preparation and home cooking skills using fresh, healthy ingredients. Learn to grow edibles in our garden and enhance physical wellness.

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Urban Explorers

Learn about nature and culture, visit parks and museums, and develop job and life skills. Share your knowledge and express yourself through art, communication, and technology projects.

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Environmental Teamwork & Wildlife Education

Build work skills, healthy habits, and interpersonal skills, practice gardening and habitat restoration, and engage with wildlife.

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Handling raw meat safely

This week, students reviewed kitchen sanitation terminology and procedures. We discussed temperature control for safety, the importance of hand washing and gloves, and how to prevent food borne illness.

The class learned about force meats, such as sausage, and how to handle raw meats.  Students removed casings from sausage and cooked sausage and beef for baked ziti with meat sauce.

Fruits & Veggies

Culinary students prepared salads with fresh fruit and marinated, grilled chicken.
We also practiced par-cooking and sautéeing fresh green beans.  Students learned about legume vegetables, discussing how they are grown and harvested and how to prepare them.
Ready to eat!