Teach aspects of independence, responsibility, mobility, community and familiarity with both the natural world and southern Florida. 


Digital Story Telling

Videography is a tool of empowerment to help students tell their own stories and learn about other people and how to share these stories via the web.

Life Skills & Outdoor Education

Working with the native flora & fauna to learn a little more about our selves in the South Florida Environment.

Wellness and Health

Nature Links believes that wellness starts with a solid connection to the natural world. From nature walks to yoga, our students are outdoors reaping the benefits of our ocean breeze and sunshine.

Culinary and Nutrition

Everyone should learn to cook! We teach our students how to cook healthy and simple meals and learn about food from different cultures.

Expressive Arts

We teach our students elements of drawing, painting, dance and sculpture ( pictured here is a sand sculpture with local artist Bhakti Baxter) .

Gardening and the Natural World

We grow some of the food we serve at Nature Links programs.

Job Readiness and Employment

Students are given the opportunity to learn skills such as serving and operating a food truck at Nature Links.

Check Out Our 2014 Fall Programs!

‘Connections’: Nature In The City of South Miami

New Session Starting September 8th

At the J.R.E. Lee Education Center

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Check Out Our 2014 Fall Programs!

Saturdays By The Bay

New Session Starting September 13, 2014

At The Historic Virginia Key Beach Park

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Check Out Our 2014 Fall Programs!

‘Connections’: Nature In The City of Miami

New Session Starting September 8th

At Miami’s Lummus Park

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Weekend Program

Saturdays by the Bay

Click here to learn more about Saturdays By the Bay 2014! Starting September 15, 2014. 

Don’t Hesitate! This program has Rolling Admission


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Upcoming Weekday Programs

Connections: “Nature in the City”

Click here to learn about our weekday program at the City of Miami’s Historic Lummus Park Starting again on September 8th, 2014.


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Nature in South Miami

Connections: “Nature in South Miami”

Click here to learn about our newest program starting September 8th, 2014 at J.R.E Lee Vocational Training School in South Miami


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Support Nature Links

As a non-profit, we rely on grants, donations and volunteers to provide our services. Consider giving your time as a volunteer working in our organic garden, helping in the kitchen or lending your expertise. If you can’t give time, we will happily receive a donation of any amount you feel you can give.


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Saturdays by the Bay 6/21/2014

This past Saturday we took a plant identification walk around the island. Seth and Nina stand in front of the Coco Plum- which bears an edible fruit, that some students tried. Joseph stands underneath the Sable Palm. Next to it is a Red Mangrove growing strangely far...

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