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Fruits & Veggies

Culinary students prepared salads with fresh fruit and marinated, grilled chicken.
We also practiced par-cooking and sautéeing fresh green beans.  Students learned about legume vegetables, discussing how they are grown and harvested and how to prepare them.
Ready to eat!

What’s growing in the garden

Culinary Connections students are growing cherry tomatoes, green onions, potaoes, garlic, herbs, and more.  Students have been learning to plant seeds and cuttings, transplant their plants, and harvest what’s ready for the kitchen.  Last week we had our largest harvest yet of cherry tomatoes and made a tea with lemongrass, moringa, and cranberry hibiscus.

Highlights of the Week: January 17-20

Culinary Connections


  • This week we made banana pudding for 100 people for the Wednesday dinner.
  • We also made vanilla and chocolate pudding.
  • Students learned about bulb vegetables like onions and garlic.
Urban Explorers


  • This week we continued our discussion of jobs.
  • The class did a healthy movement activity.
Friday with Urban Explorers and Culinary Connections
  • This week we visited Tropical Park and went bowling.

Highlights of the Week: January 9-13

Culinary Connections
  • Students made ricotta cheese cookies.
  • We learned about tuber vegetables, how they grow, and how they store their energy.
  • The class made sauteed lemon pepper brussels sprouts, practicing flipping the pan and cooking on high heat.
  • We also made parsley potatoes.
Urban Explorers
  • The class reviewed what we learned about different cultures last session and began this session’s topic, jobs.
  • We talked about the differences between jobs, hobbies, sports, art, chores, and internships, and played a game to practice recognizing the difference.
  • Students had a discussion of current events.
  • We did an activity to connect with our emotions through dance.
Friday with Urban Explorers and Culinary Connections
  • At the end of the week, we celebrated the start of the session with a pizza lunch.

Highlights of the Week: December 5-9

Culinary Foundations
  • This week, students learned to make fresh roasted eggplant, steamed carrots, and a veggie orzo pilaf.
  • We reviewed the technique for properly preparing eggplant and following a recipe with step by step instructions and variations.
Urban Explorers
  • This week, we learned about how the media affects culture.
  • Students started applications for the volunteer program at the Frost Museum.
  • The class continued working on anti-discrimination posters to hang up around the museum.
  • We worked on the choreography for the vitamin songs in Food! The Musical.
  • The class discussed the consequences of cyberbullying and implemented a new class agreement about being kind to each other online.