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Lummus Park Update

Our Lummus park program has been off to a great start this year. Starting in February we have been traveling around the Downtown Miami area, using it’s resources and learning about it’s history and culture.

We enjoy Lummus park and it’s amenities very much. Every moring we get our blood pumping and our bodies moving on the basketball court.

Local historian William Kiddell came to our program and gave us an oral history of the historical buildings in the park.

Below, the Wagner house originally built in 1857 by William Wagner and his Creole wife. The house was removed

from it’s original location on the Miami River to Lummus park.


The crew enjoying a banyan tree in the park.

The Lummus Park Program is taking a break for the summer, but we will be back August 18,2014!

If interested contact us @


Nature Links Field Trip to Zoo Miami!

We went on a field trip to Zoo Miami. Students were thrilled to see the wide variety of animals. It was very exciting, but some expressed a feeling of sadness for the animals being kept in their cage like area’s. We explained that it is a complex subject to approach. While it is good for people to be aware of these animals (many of which are near extinction on their own habitats) it is difficult to see wild beasts kept captive at the Zoo. Aside from our philisophical quandries we had such a fun time!  A good work out as well, walking all over the zoo is great exercise.


“Connections” Lummus Park Program Update

This has been the first year of our newest program “Connections” based out of Lummus Park in Downtown Miami.

We have been traveling on foot, by bus, metrorail and people mover all over the downtown area and beyond.

Our participants have been learning about what our city has to offer while simultaneously uncovering it’s past.

We spend almost all of our time outdoor’s in parks, public spaces and metropolitan area’s. We are seeing how

Miami is both friendly to people and not. There has been discussion amongst our group as to how we can improve

the city and make it more walkable and enjoyable for people who want to spend time outside and exploring.

Currently we are putting together a presentation that looks at the city for all it’s benefits and shortcomings

and how we at Nature Links can contribute and potentially affect change. We will post this presentation online once it is finished.


Saturdays by the Bay 4/12/2014

Thank you for a lovely Saturday Shake-A-Leg Miami, our participants had a lovely time! They went out for a ride on the pontoon boat to see Biscayne Bay.

For some participants this was their first time out on a boat. They passed by spoil islands and saw many native birds pirching on the island trees. Back at the Shake-A-Leg headquarters lunch was prepared by the University of Miami girls soccer team. They were very colorful and pleasent dressed in their uniforms with smiles on their faces. A Zumba class was also offered to participants, a fun and creative way to get exercise. Thank you Shake-A-Leg !


Saturdays by the Bay 3/30

Joseph is proud of his collage. We were visited by an Art Therapist last Saturday and this was one of the outcomes of her session.

Here students learn about sunflower seeds. The process of life from seed to sunflower and then back to seed.

Come join us on Virginia Key one Saturday! Every week is a bit different, new visitors or different activites.

Check out what Art Therapy is about here at this link: click here!



Saturdays by the Bay 3/1/2014

Field trip to Miami Beach Botanical Gardens and to the Bass Museum!


The Botanical Gardens were lovely, we enjoyed the open space where weplayed a few creative movement games. We walked around the grounds for a bit and ate lunch at a table under some trees. Student’s enjoyed the edible plant section of the garden most, we all got to taste fresh mint and take a few bites of nosturtiom leaves.


We walked to the Bass Museum from The Botanical Gardens. We started out in the outdoor sculpture garden and then continued on inside. The main thing they had on view was a show by Piotr Uklanski, click here to see more:

We also spent some time in the Egypt exhibit. It was mind blowing for our students to see the ancient relics they had on display.





2/22/14 Saturdays by the Bay

This past Saturday at Nature Links, we did a lot of linking to Nature! Here we are on the board walk in the native plant restoration area. Behind us are mangroves, which our student leaned about.

Many of these pictures are being taken by our students in the program. We are learning to take some great pictures, especially in our garden! Check out these sunflowers!

We had an art lesson with Lourdes Fuller and her 8th grade student Ale. This is an ongoing project, the images you see below are of the first step in the process which was aging the paper using tea bags and some acryllic paint.

2/8/14 Saturdays by the Bay

We began our Expressive Arts Session this past Saturday. We began the day with an extended meditation focusing on the principles of mindfulness and loving kindness. We then spent some time in our garden with some new volunteers and a new student! We are still working on story telling- having our participants document the day by taking photos of each other.

After working in the garden, we went back to the Concession stand to make lunch! We made healthy wraps using greens, turnips and tomatoes from our garden. Bean Salad, Avocado, tuna salad, cucombers, onions and carrots.

We had a fruit salad for desert with straberries, pears and bananas.

After lunch we had a an art lesson with local artist Bhakti Baxter ! The theme was Beach Sculpture (Sand Sculptures)

Thanks Bhakti!!!


Saturdays by the Bay 2/1/2014

We started the day of by practicing mindfulness with Lee Jacobs. He led us through a meditation that focused on thinkinh good things about ourselves and others. Next we went and worked in the garden. Students were using our new i-pad to photograph eachother working. See a few example below:

We made a healthy and simple lunch:


Egg Salad


a dozen eggs

sweet pickles



olive oil – about a tablespoon

mayonaise- 6 heaping table spoons

salt and pepper to taste


Quinoa with collards and spices from our garden.

quinoa in a box


collards a touch of olive oil

a few leaves of Cuban oregano


And a huge salad with a bunch of greens from our garden.

With a lime olive oil and sea salt dressing