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Saturdays by the Bay 12/7

We had a very active time on Virginia Key this past Saturday. We started out by working in our garden. By this time our plants were ready to be harvested for the first time!

After the garden we returned to the concession stand to begin preparation for lunch. We are focusing on learning what goes into a healthy and delicious salad.

Students make their own lunch!

Mr. Jacobs planted sunflower seeds earlier in the week to demonstrate to students where fresh sprouts come from. We added them to our salad.

After lunch we went on a walk along the beach to scavenge for items to use in our art lesson. We found shells, sea grape leaves, sand dune oats, coconut husks, sticks, sponges etc. We made some beautiful rubbings!

We finished the day with a music lesson from Dennis Fuller, a local musician.


Saturdays by the Bay 11/30

Another great Saturday on Virginia Key. We worked on our garden to start the day off, learning about new plants that have been added. After garden work,  we made a healthy lunch which was followed by a music lesson. We took an educational walk along the beach shore and played a game of frisbee on one of the park lawns. We were visited by Lourdes Fuller who will be teaching an art lesson this Saturday coming up! Feel free to stop by and check us out.


First Fall Sessions of Saturdays by the Bay

This Fall we are focusing on getting our garden going. We have spent most of our time outside preparing our beds and planting a few things. We will continue to plant during the week and this coming Saturday. Feel free to visit us or inquire about helping! We will be building a new bed this coming Saturday, Nov, 2.

Dennis Fuller came on Saturday with his organ, UMA. He played us a few tunes. He will be coming next week with other instruments and will give our participants a music lesson!

Nature Links at Whole Foods On October 17, 2013

Last Thursday Camile Lamb from Whole Foods invited us to a healthy cooking class. Most of the food we ate was actually not cooked, it was raw! We learned a few new recipies that I will post in our recipies section under resources, so check them out!

Camile showed us how to make vegetarian chilli without any oil. Apparently using oil in general is not the best

as it is taken from a whole plant and refined into oil. She showed us that by cooking the onion and vegetables down

in water, they release their own oils and sugars.

A delicious salad with a cashew mint dressing!

Antonio was so eager to help out at the event. Here he is helping Camile pass out a green smoothie.