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Nature Links Summer News Update!

Hello Everyone! We are excited to be getting back to classes on Monday July 22, 2019! The Summer session will end on August 28, 2019 – Stay on the lookout for our Fall start date as well.

There is still space- Apply here now: Apply

“… Facilitate social connection; Foster creative expression in our students…”

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What Our Students LEARN!

Gardening, Arts and Creativity, Environmental Science, Job Readiness, Communication, and Nutrition. Through lessons in Urban Farming, Recreation and Sports, Performance, Videography, Music and Movement Therapy. 

Weekly class field trips into the outdoors and community volunteerism, inspire social engagement and encourages team building. While learning a new craft, or creating a short film on the page and unto the screen, cultivates creativity and explores ones expression.

What Our Students Look Forward To!

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The mission of Nature Links for Lifelong Learning is to equip young adults with intellectual disabilities, the skills they need to lead fulfilling, productive lives.

Through our programs, students build living skills, make friends, connections, and prepare for jobs or further professional training opportunities.

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We foster creative expression in our students and the broader population through art, music, recreation, dance, and videography.

While building an understanding and appreciation of the natural world in our students and the community.


We work to expand community sensitivity to intellectual disabilities through public involvement in our programs and interaction with our students as well as interfacing students with the community.

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We seek to offer job readiness and employment training and facilitate our students’ access to work opportunities, mentoring, volunteer training, internships, and service opportunities in parks, restaurants, plant nurseries, museums, local businesses, and nonprofit organizations.

We facilitate social connection and support for independent living among young adults with intellectual disabilities.

Increasing  parent/guardian and student knowledge of local opportunities, agencies, civil rights, and benefits available to them while assisting in providing long term life planning for young adults with disabilities.

We make all kinds of art forms, perform, and dabble in music! We take class field trips into the great outdoors! And have been preparing students for their very own public artistic exhibition, that will be curated and opened in September 2019.



Currently enrolled students interested in attending another session or program do not need to complete an application.  

If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at or call (786) 505-4657



Enrollment is open for this program with classes beginning July 22 – August 28, M-W-F.