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Saturday August 24, 2013 Final Day of Summer Session!

We had a wonderful ending to our Summer session of Saturdays by the Bay. We met at Virginia Key and then went across the street for a visit to the Miami Seaquarium.

After they returned from the Seaquarim, we had a potluck/grill out feast! Participants and their parent/guardians brought a variety of wonderful dishes and treats for us to enjoy. We would like to thank all the parents and other Nature Links supporters for coming out. A special thanks to Gray Milano, whom has donated so much of his time and expertise to our program. His wife Lynn came and made beautiful handwritten calligraphic bookmarks for all to keep. We also would like to thank the office of Commisioner Xavier Suarez for sending Robert Alvarez to show their support.

Thank you all so much. Please stay tuned for updates about frothcoming programs!

Saturday August 17,2013 Field Trip to Shake-A-Leg!

This past Saturday Nature Links visited Shake-A-Leg Miami.

Gary Milano took us on a boat ride around the Bay. Gary was responsible for the restoration and native plant planting on many of the spoil Islands in the Bay. He and our teacher Lee Jacobs and Dr. Gregory Bush shared historical and environmental knowledge as we boated around. 


Did you know that there used to be fresh water springs in Biscayne Bay? Sailors could dip buckets into the bay and scoop out drinking water. However, since we currently tap into our aquifer at such a high volume, the water table is too low for the springs to exist in the Bay anymore. Read more here:



Saturday August 10, 2013: Trip to Biscayne Nature Center and Miami Museum of Science

Nature Links participants had a fun filled day. We met on Virginia Key and then went to The Marjory Stoneman Douglas Biscayne Nature Center at Crandon Park on Key Biscayne.

We were given a tour of their Marine Life room by Leo. He taught us about Sea Cucombers, Starfish, Conch, Cowrie Snails, Sea Urchin and more!

After eating lunch we headed over to The Miami Museum of Science. We started off by seeing a planetaruim show about our solar system. Then we went inside to check things out.

We went to the back to see their wildlife exhibit. Also, the museum takes care of wounded rare bird and work's to re-release them into the wild. In the cage infront of us is an American Bald Eagle.

July 27, 2013


We had another visit with Mauricio Abascal of WellWell. He followed up on his lesson from the previous week. We discussed ingredients in packaged foods and went over the material from last week. During lunch we disected what we all ate, practicing our new food group naming skills. Later Jenna taught a videography lesson. We went for a walk on the beach and then ended to day with a ride on the historic carosel.


August 3, 2013

Another Full day at Nature Links! Barbara McAdams of The University of Florida Exstension Services came for a visit. She taught us about how to conserve water. Check out their website here: Later we did a meditation and then made lunch. We made some delicious and healthy wraps that everyone was able to assemble themselves. We learned about the history of the Island and then went on an educational walk along the shore.

Sean did not want to take off his shoes to cross a small stream on the beach! So our teacher Lee gave him a lift across.

Saturday July 20, 2013

We had two special visitors this day. Mauricio Abascal of WellWell (check out his website here: came and taught us about the different food groups and how to structure a healthy meal. Later we took a tour of Virginia Key Island. We were guided through the natural area of the north point of the park by City of Miami Parks Senior naturalist Juan Fernandez. Check out a video of our day!


nll-HD 720p Video Sharing from greg bush on Vimeo.