Highlights of the Week: January 9-13

Culinary Connections
  • Students made ricotta cheese cookies.
  • We learned about tuber vegetables, how they grow, and how they store their energy.
  • The class made sauteed lemon pepper brussels sprouts, practicing flipping the pan and cooking on high heat.
  • We also made parsley potatoes.
Urban Explorers
  • The class reviewed what we learned about different cultures last session and began this session’s topic, jobs.
  • We talked about the differences between jobs, hobbies, sports, art, chores, and internships, and played a game to practice recognizing the difference.
  • Students had a discussion of current events.
  • We did an activity to connect with our emotions through dance.
Friday with Urban Explorers and Culinary Connections
  • At the end of the week, we celebrated the start of the session with a pizza lunch.
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