Highlights of the Week: November 14-18

Culinary Foundations


  • The class made pumpkin pies and homemade whipped cream to celebrate Thanksgiving.
  • We also made turkey meatballs in creamed mushroom sauce served over rice, a good way to use up turkey leftovers.
  • In the garden, we planted radishes, basil, and other edibles in the garden.
  • The class learned about aromatic herbs that can grow in Florida, smelling samples of them.


Urban Explorers


  • The class took a field trip to the Miami International Book Fair, where students browsed books by different authors and watched a presentation by Ridley Pearson about his upcoming young adult mystery.
  • We continued our study of world religions, this week learning about Buddhism.
  • Students learned about clothing styles around the world.
  • The class practiced the choreography for our musical.
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