Highlights of the Week: September 19-23

Urban Explorers


  • We learned about which vitamins are found in different fruits and vegetables.
  • The class discussed food labels such as grass-fed, cage-free, and pasture-raised.
  • Students also learned about vegetarianism and veganism.
  • We took a field trip to Simpson Park, practicing taking public transit.  At the park, students learned about how the Tequesta used plants as food and medicine, and also did movement exercises with guest instructor and dance expert Jenna Balfe.
Culinary Foundations
  • The seeds we planted last week have grown so we transplanted them to larger containers.
  • Students practiced their knife skills cutting potatoes, onions, citrus, cucumbers, and bell peppers in preparation for Church Night In on Wednesday, and also made chocolate chip cookies.
  • The class discussed healthy meal planning and learned about the difference between natural and added sugars in food.
  • We made pan-seared tilapia with a citrus vinaigrette, as well as a roasted vegetable recipe including carrots, potatoes, and leeks.
  • Students learned about food waste in the USA.
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