Highlights of the Week: September 6-9

Culinary Foundations


  • The class discussed the different types of cooking methods.
  • Students practiced the creaming method by baking gluten-free chocolate cupcakes and also learned how to pipe frosting.
  • We smelled different herbs and spices and learned all about their pairings with various ingredients.
  • Students learned the moist cooking method called braising, preparing braised red cabbage.
  • The class discussed the steps to start a garden, including observation of conditions, envisioning the type of garden, and the preparation for execution.
  • Students each drew out their own plans for our garden space.
Urban Explorers


  • We learned new words in sign language by practicing the sign language dance “I Love Myself”.
  • The class discussed factory farming and how our meat does not look like the animals it comes from.
  • Guest speakers Lynnette Chiverton and Annetta Garcia from the administrative offices of Special Transportation Service came to talk to us about STS policies and answer questions about the service.
  • Students did a brainstorming activity in preparation for writing their resumes, creating maps of their educational and work experience by tea-staining paper and following a series of steps to organize images of their experiences.
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