The mission of Nature Links to equip young adults with intellectual disabilities with the skills they need to lead fulfilling, productive lives.  We do this through continuing education programs that build our students’ independent living skills and job readiness. We create individualized pathways to volunteer and job opportunities for our students, while providing continuing education to students who need the support. Our nature/art based curriculum teaches practical skills, builds community and connection, and empowers our students as models of stewardship in their communities while at the same time opens opportunities to students in these area’s.

Our Goals

  • Provide continuing education opportunities in linked fields such as culinary arts, gardening, habitat restoration, and environmental studies as well as communication strategies using language, technology, and artistic expression.
  • Offer job readiness and employment training and facilitate our students’ access to work opportunities, mentoring, volunteer training, and service opportunities in parks, restaurants, plant nurseries, museums, other businesses, and nonprofit organizations.
  • Facilitate social connection and support for independent living among young adults with intellectual disabilities.
  • Increase parent/guardian and student knowledge of programs, agencies, civil rights, and benefits available to them while assisting in providing long term life planning for young adults with disabilities.
  • Build understanding and appreciation of the natural world in our students and the community.
  • Foster creative expression in our students and the broader population through art, music, recreation, dance, and videography.
  • Expand community sensitivity to intellectual disabilities through public involvement in our programs and interaction with our students as well as interfacing students with the community.