Nature Links Visioning Session and Dinner to be held September 20, 2011

 Barring a hurricane or some other major calamity, our Dinner Visioning Session for Nature Links scheduled for September 20, 2011. We expect at least 20 or more people from a number of organizations (Including Lucy Binhack head of Disability Services with MDC Parks) Jill Brookner from MDCPS, David Lawrence from the Children's Movement/Trust, Diane Adreon from UMs Card Center, Lily Demoya from Parent to Parent, Mari Chael, an architect, and others with different perspectives about helping us to focus on creating the best program for continuing education for young adults with disabilities using the natural world. We are excited to share our progress within the community of educators and and others involved in helping persons with developmental delays. We will be taking questions and comments into great consideration during this event. At Nature Links for Life Long Learning we are extremely focused on linking with our community resources to improve our overall community. Check back to see the outcome !