Rolling Admission for Nature Links Spring and Summer Programs at Shake A Leg Miami! Join Now!

Enrollment is open for this program.

Art in Practice 4/22 - 4/30 (rolling admission)

Join us for a spring session of job skills and life skills. Learn about climate change and express yourself through videography, art, dance, and gardening. Students will have a public art show at the end of this session.

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Summer Session: Art, Fun, Growing and Sun

Participants will have the opportunity to socialize, learn about nature/growing, experience Biscayne Bay and make art related to what they experience. Soft job skills, independent living and healthy eating/bodies are other topics that will be covered.

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Youtube Channel

You can visit our Youtube channel and check out wonderful student-made videos and more at:

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August 8-12 Highlights of the Week

  • The class discussed diversity, prejudice, discrimination, and hate speech.  Students did an activity to explore the meaning of privilege.
  • We played a game to review telling time on an analog clock.

08.12.16- 1

  • Students developed healthy menus for their food truck project.
  • In videography this week, students filmed the videoblogs they have been preparing.
  • Students practiced fine motor skills by modeling the steps involved in food production with paper chains.
  • Psychologist Janice Hynes worked with students on talking about emotions and expressing themselves through dance.

08.10.16- 1

July 25-29 Highlights of the Week

  • This week we learned about hunger and sustainability.  The class discussed hunger in the US and around the world, how food gets from a farm to the table, and why some foods come from other countries.
  • Students worked on their videoblogs and discussed health issues related to food and water.
  • Following up on last week’s class, some students brought in videos about bullying.  We talked about the line between bullying and standing up for yourself or your friends.
  • Students practiced counting money and making sure they have the correct change, building their own mini food trucks as a setting for this activity.
  • Our field trip this week was to the Miami Science Barge where we had a tour, looked for plankton under a microscope, and learned about aquaculture.

WE 8.29.16 science barge IMG_0326

WE 8.29.16 science barge IMG_0324

July 18-22 Highlights of the week

  • We learned about the causes and effects of bullying and reflected on how our actions impact those around us.


  • Program coordinator Fareena and her husband came in as guest speakers and led the class in a calming meditation.
  • Students planned a picnic to practice calculating the passage of time.
  • In the garden, we planted seeds including microgreens which will be ready in just a week.
  • We had a great field trip to Miami Culinary Institute!

07.20.16- MCI

Last Week at Nature Links: July 11-15

This week the leeks in our garden are just about ready to harvest.  We discussed the importance of pollinators such as bees, butterflies, flies, and ants.
 07.11.16 pollination lesson with last week's field trip garden photos
In life skills students discussed exercising discretion, role playing different situations such as talking to a boss, coworker, teacher, or STS dispatcher.
We took a field trip to Robert Is Here, where students learned about where the fruits sold there come from and how they are grown.  We also tasted foods at the farmers’ market and visited the petting zoo.
 07.15.16 at Robert is here

Last Week at Nature Links: July 5-8

In life skills this week we focused on communication and how to be considerate of others.  Students wrote nice things about their classmates and began a puppet activity to role play communication issues.
We also tended the garden and did a garden scavenger hunt for our field trip.  Students teamed up to document the types of butterflies they saw, herbs they found such as horse mint, lemon balm, and holy basil, and other features of the garden.
 WE 7.5.16 garden IMG_9728

Last Week at Nature Links: June 27 – July 1

This week we discussed food portion sizes and students did a hands-on activity measuring out what healthy portions of different food groups look like on a plate.
 06.29.16- food portions 2
In videography students learned about interviewing and practiced for their “future of food” video blogs.
On Tuesday at the garden, we worked on drawing out our home garden space and solarized the next plot area using recycled cardboard.
Our Friday field trip was to Empower Farms where students helped to create a windbreaking wall of pines and other plants such as pinecone ginger.  We also propogated sugar cane and discussed the environmental impacts of South Florida’s sugar industry.
 WE 6.28.16 cgcc garden IMG_9588

Last Week at Nature Links: June 20-24

This week we talked about body positivity, where our food comes from, and the difference between whole and processed foods.  Students also worked on our garden beds at the Frost Museum.
06.20.16- 1
In videography students practiced shooting footage in pairs, and in life skills we worked on telling time and understanding how much time has passed.
Our field trip this week was to Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden!  Students explored the gardens and in particular the butterfly area.

 WE 6.24.16 fairchild 2