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Federal Benefits for Disability 

Medicare and Social Security Disability Benefits Information

The American Association on Health and Disability 

CDC (Center for Disease Control) Information on Disability and Health

I can do it, You can do it!: President’s Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition

National Caregivers Library: Coping with Disability

Siblings and Disability 

Family Health Guide to Learning Disabilities 

Learning Disabilities Checklists + Worksheets

Disability Home Accommodation Cost Guide 

Fire Safety and Disabilities Guide 

Local Doctor Finder – Search by Disability 

Autism Assistance Dogs

Business Ideas for People With Disabilities

(The above link was provided by the students at The  Different with Dignity Community Center, an awesome place! Thank you for your contribution to our resource page!)

Autism CARES Act Enacted! This is a good reason to celebrate. This act not only continues federal services for individuals on the autism spectrum and also helps ensure a better quality of services. Click Here for an article about the act by AutismSpeaks & Click Here for a copy of the full act.

A Video Clip on the History of the Disability Rights Movement

A Reading list about Disability Culture and Disability Rights:

Author Last Name Author First Name Title
Callahan John Don’t Worry, He Won’t Get Far On Foot
Charlton James I. Nothing About Us Without Us
Cohen Leah Hagar Train Go Sorry: Inside a Deaf World (1995)
Dreger Alice One of Us
Fadiman Ann The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down
Foucault Michel Madness and Civilization: A History of Insanity in the Age of Reason
Goffman Erving Asylums
Gotkin Janet and Paul Too Much Anger, Too Many Twins
Grandin Temple Talking in Pictures
Greenberg Joanne In This Sign
Haddon Mark The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime
Hockenberry John Moving Violations
Jewell Geri I’m Walking As Straight As I Can
Johnson Harriet McBryde Too Late to Die Young
Johnson Hillary Osler’s Web
Linton Simi Claiming Disability (1998)
Linton Simi My Body Politic (2007)
Lombardo Paul Three Generations of Imbeciles: Eugenics, The Supreme Court and Buck v. Bell (2008)
Longmore Paul Rethinking the Disability Rights Movement
Luhrmann T.M. Of Two Minds: An Anthropologist Looks at American Psychiatry
Pelka Fred What We Have Done (forthcoming)
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Saks Elyn The Center Cannot Hold: My Journey Through Madness (2008)
Scull Andrew T. Madhouse: A Tragic Tale of Megalomania and Modern Medicine (2008)
Shapiro Joseph No Pity
Sheehan Susan Is There No Place on Earth for Me? (1983)
tenBroek Jacobus Disability and the law of torts: the right of the disabled to live in the world
Trent James W. Jr. Inventing the Feeble Mind: A History of Mental Retardation in the United States (1994)
Walker Lou Ann A Loss for Words
Whitaker Robert Mad in America: Bad Science, Bad Medicine and the Enduring Treatment of the Mentally Ill (2001)

Education About & For Special Needs

Empathy is a powerful and necessary tool to be able to have compassion for others and best understand how you can support those you care about. Have you ever taken a walk in the shoes of someone with Autism or ASD?  Watch this video to get a glimpse of what its like.

Watch this video to get an idea of what it is like to listen or pay attention to someone when you have Autism. 

A slideshow history of Developmental Disabilities

National Gateway to Self-Determination

Inclusive Education In Action: A Swedish Program with Life-Skills Clips for Young Adults with Cognitive Impairments

Postsecondary Education Option for Students with Intellectual Disabilities

Learn more about the Autism Spectrum by watching these educational talks from TED

Common Sense Education: Graphite Looking for a way to integrate the use of technology with education but hate blindly searching for apps and programs that work? Here is a place that does most of that work for you! You can search by subject, grade level, price, and what type of program it is (app, website, etc.). Give it a try!

Tool Kits for Families from Autism Speaks – this is a wonderful resource!

In The Community

Institute of Community Inclusion: Promoting the Inclusion of People with Disabilities


Additional Resources

Join the movement to “create a world where every child can play, learn and grow in nature, check out the Children & Nature Network. 

Know someone with epilepsy? Here are some helpful tips on how to make surroundings more safe in the event of a seizure. Click Here