Saturdays by the Bay 6/21/2014

This past Saturday we took a plant identification walk around the island.

Seth and Nina stand in front of the Coco Plum- which bears an edible fruit, that some students tried.

Joseph stands underneath the Sable Palm. Next to it is a Red Mangrove growing strangely far away from the shore.

Antonio is closely inspecting this old Green Buttonwood!

Seth, Antoni0 and Harvey have identified the Sea Grape tree after seeing a couple on our walk. This tree also produces a fruit that is edible. They are not yet ripe but will be by mid-late July.

Here we have our lovely Half-Flower models- Paula and Cindy. This native plant grows in the dunes as well as the hammock. It is called the half flower commonly because the little white flowers look like a whole flower cut in half.

Seth, Brittany and Joseph stand next to the Strangler fig. A member of the Ficus family, this tree grows tall and wide and provides plenty of shade.

After our walk we made lunch and worked on completing an art project that soon will be revealed to the public! Stay tuned for details.

Here we all are having a group discussion about our day and our thoughts.

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