A Summary of our Spring Session “Climate Change Awareness”

     Nature Links for Lifelong Learning has moved our operations to Shake A Leg Miami this year, 2018. We have been welcomed by staff and administration which has made the transition to our new home easy and pleasant.

     We have had two sessions of the “Climate Change Awareness Program” since starting at Shake a Leg back in March of this year. Our participants learned about Climate Change issues such as: Sea Level Rise, Environmental Justice, Pollution, Ocean Acidification and more. We had a special focus on social/independent life skills with Allie  Klionsky our assistant teacher and worked one on one with some students to achieve goals of employment. Participants also received daily exercise and creative movement lessons from lead teacher Jenna Balfe. We also went on several field trips, one of them to Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, thanks to the hard work and support of Citizens for a Better South Florida which made it possible 🙂





     We worked on making short news stories for our “Nature News” series which we will be working on more in our Summer session. These shorts will eventually be posted on our website and potentially beyond. We also made art related to the different issues that we covered










     We applied to the Public Space Challenge as a class, our proposal was titled: “ Nature Links Presents: Getting to Know Each Other”.


     Our proposal was that every month at a different park, we would host a social/informative event for young adults with developmental delays. Our class came up with the idea, that had the goal of providing transportation to natural area’s for this population that generally has issues getting to such places. Participants also wanted the event to highlight successful members of their community and create a safe social space to meet new people. While we did not get to the finals round, the class did become motivated towards finding means to work together as a group to get their voices and needs out into the community.

     We enjoyed many water sports activities provided by Shake a Leg including a guided tour of the history of the Bay by Karis Starkes! We ended the tour by having our end of the session party on Eco Island. It was a very informative and fun tour which our participants were very happy about.





     So far our time at Shake A Leg has been very positive, educational and inspiring. We look forward to what’s ahead for this partnership. Thank You Shake A Leg!