The September, 20 Dinner Visioning Session was a success !

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 We had a great turn out at Executive Directors Greg Bush's house. It was an evening filled with idea's, concerns and community connections. 


 David Lawrence ( Child Readiness) speaks to the crowd about perseverance for programming such as Nature Links for Life Long Learning during these tough financial times. Harry Horgan of Shake-A-Leg Miami, Lily De Moya of Parent to Parent Miami, Anick Sternberg, Jill Brookner of Miami Dade Public School System, Lixon Nelson of Imuneek, Mari Chael and Victoria Zamorano all listen.

 In this photo; Paula Bush smiles for the camera, next to her sits Mari Chael, Vice President for Nature Links for Life Long Learning, Lucy Binhack of Miami Dade County Parks and Recreation, Jim Bigham- producer of the film “For Once in My Life” and Diane Adreon, Director for Center for Autism and Related Disabilities at U.M.

Adam Gersten a local lawyer helps Greg with the power point.


Greg Bush as he presents his power point, next to him John De Leon( lawyer and president for local A.C.L.U)- Secratary Nature Links for Life Long Learning look on.



Gene Tinnie of the Historic Virgina Key Beach Trust announces their decision to allow Nature Links for Life Long Learning to use their facilities and site for our programming ! Great News !


Cynthia Gay of Best Buddies is interested in the discussion. Other atendees not included in the pictures were: Brian Arwari of U.M, Dept. of Kinesiology, Liz Malman, Nick Zamorano a Nature Links Project Bridge grad and Lucner Nelson a job coach.